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We certainly did not fuck as much as we did back when we started dating, but we still did it once or twice a week.

But those things changed in one faithful weekend, and the best part is that my sister in law was there to witness my opinion change. My wife, Laura, was a short, thin, tanned, blonde lady with long hair, with decently sized tits and a passion for cock that hadn't waned even after ten years of me fucking her.

I had met my sister in law randomly on the city a couple of times and she had always dressed more conservatively. It did not actually go around my butt, but it tied to my waist and then my two legs, letting my ass hang free.

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Until then I hadn't realized that all the guys Laura had sex with while we were married, were bigger than me, at least in some way. Later that day we searched the internet for the club. I was so excited that my cock became hard again while she was speaking. They were going to bring a handful of extra guys with big dicks to fuck the girls who desired so. I am definitely going with or without you this week. My dick had been super hard all this time so I could send it immediately. Which position was her favorite -doggy style-, did she swallow -yes-, had she done sex group before -once, with a few friends of both sexes while she was drunk-, was she really up for some public sex -wasn't really sure-.

I have a six inches penis, and I knew the first guys we had group sex with had six inchers too, although theirs seemed a little thicker from what I could see. And the guy who we swapped partners seemed to have a long penis, from what Laura told me afterwards. We had to register, pay an initial fee, and even then we could not learn much more than they had meetups every month, and that each meetup (probably an orgy? She held my cock in her hand and between her teeth. I just turned her around and put her on her knees, lifted her butt to me and started fucking her with fury over the couch. Normally the attendance for regular orgies was 50 or 60 people, but some couples skipped the big dick orgies, normally due to the husband's insecurity, so they had around 30 people coming in and 10-15 big dicked guys. And they told me nine inches upwards, and all veeery thick cocks. She decided I would sleep in the living room cause she was super horny too. I confessed that her sister had pegged me once -she knew-, that I had had group sex before meeting her sister -a mmf with a couple-, and that I had no problem having public sex.


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