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Paying customers start dropping like flies, yet few others notice anything wrong — they assume the violence is staged, and the fresh corpses just actors or dummies.Likewise, dim-bulb police deputy Doyle (scenarist Ben Begley) dismisses several panicked 911 calls from patrons as Halloween pranks.Khaled Al-Jelban, a family and community medicine consultant at King Khalid University, was critical of the way young men dress these days.He said he has seen some brag about their clothing and acting in a manner that does not fit in with Saudi culture.Dispatching warden and guards, this visitor frees not just Daddy but also the equally dangerous nutjobs popularly dubbed (for the nature of their deadly deeds) Animal the Cannibal (E. Meanwhile, the jaded young staff of a local diner are preparing to knock off early and enjoy the night by taking themselves to opening night of the Macon County Funhouse.(The film was shot partly at Haunted Scream Park’s Land of Illusion in Middletown, Ohio.) Little do they or anyone else among the hordes of costumed revelers suspect that the attraction’s employees have already met a grim fate at the hands of the very folks who “inspired” each room’s grisly display, and who have now replaced them.They are also increasingly using English words mixed with Arabic that they have picked up from Western television programs and movies, they said.The clothing now worn includes accessories such as bags, short pants, and items with “weird” pictures.

The Asir is also a fairly conservative region, as witness a report in the Arab News about young Saudis scorning the traditional “Many young Saudi men are adopting Western-style fashion trends including clothing and haircuts, which are not in line with Saudi customs and traditions, according to several experts.

Or perhaps it’s a subtle promo for internal tourism, as in “to hell with Orlando, London and Paris, bring your kids to the Asir, where they can climb mountains and commune with baboons”…. Anyway, the piece set me thinking about the male Saudi national dress.

There’s actually not much you can do to enhance the thobe, other than raise it towards your knees.

Film Review: ' The Funhouse Massacre' Reviewed online, San Francisco, Nov.

Saudi Arabia is a country of contrasts and contradictions.


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