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Their relationship blossoms Sam offers Cat everything the wild, capricious Frankie couldn't but simmering below the surface for both Frankie and Cat is an enduring love and passion that cant be ignored. The characters are normal do average type jobs and they are like your real life friends.Tess is an actress, who is fast approaching 30 with no career, money or love life. Obviously there are some similarities with The L Word.Like Frankie and Cat, she wants to learn from the past and find happiness but are they all destined to make the same mistakes again? The number of "friends the problems some characters have, but thats where it ends.Funny, irreverent and moving, Lip Service follows the interwoven ... It is a stand alone series and does itself justice. Annabelle (Erin Kelly) is the rebellious daughter of a powerful female Senator. There's not a single sharp edge in this dreamy, ethereal project. I expected more passion, much more angst (considering the life-altering decisions that these characters are making), and more painful conundrums.When she volunteers to cat sit at her unrequited love's downtown L. Laid to rest for 40 years, the women wake up on New Year's Day as reborn creatures. You see, there came a time when the world became so evil that God made it rain for forty days and forty nights, killing all those who were corrupt. See more » This film is an example of how independent film is unafraid to take an original and interesting plot and put it to use. Well that's because here it wasn't put to good use.

See full summary » Annabelle is the wise-beyond-her-years newcomer to an exclusive Catholic girls school.

She responds to Annabelle instinctively, but her adult maturity warns her that doing anything about her feelings would be inexcusably wrong.

Annabelle is sexually aggressive, and clued in to Simone's tragedy as no-one has ever been before.

Simone has had a tragic affair in her past, with a girl she grew up with.

She's lived a stunted existence, dating a man she does not love and teaching at her old childhood school to stay close to the memories of the woman she lost.


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