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She has long dirty blond hair, she was always on the thick side, not fat, thick.

Nice big ass and big beautiful tits and all the meat in the right places.

Right then and their she was the number one girl on my fantasy list, the girl that I would have sex with over anyone else in the world.

As a couple years went by, I noticed that she got a little more distant from me.

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Aunty Tammy was always the flirty open sexual type.I came in the house and she had just got out of the shower and I walked in the living room and right in the middle of the room their was my Aunt butt ass naked watching something on T. She turned around and jumped a mile and I said I was sorry.She looked at me and said that’s ok because I didn’t think anyone would be home this early.The good things started happening when I moved in with her, my Uncle, and my Cousins.Living with people eventually everyone becomes comfortable around each other.Me and her were real close and cold tell each other anything.


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