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Rosner, a retired benefits director, had been on her own for decades and had never had any desire to remarry, but she didn’t hesitate after meeting Cardillo while bicycling, dating for 10 months and learning he needed to move.“I said, ‘What about living here,’ and we both seemed comfortable with it,” said Rosner, 74.

Any mention of possible marriage has been quickly dismissed.“Can you imagine what our vows would be like,” Cardillo, 68, remembers joking once. We’re fine the way we are.”Rosner concurred, adding that not one of their combined six adult children has ever raised the issue.“We both felt more comfortable with not being tied to that legality,” she said.

”Adding more potential strain is that families have fewer or no children and children tend to live farther away from parents, eliminating traditional caregivers, Brown said.“Institutional supports come into play and will be costly,” she said.

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That’s up 29 percent from 2007, but what surprised the Pew Research Center, which issues periodic reports on demographic trends, is that the number of cohabiting adults 50 and older shot up 75 percent over the last decade.“The sheer number is striking,” said Pew research analyst Renee Stepler.

“Cohabiting adults 50 and older make up one-quarter of all cohabiters today, and that’s striking because cohabitation used to be a step before marriage.”The fact that seniors living together outpaced other age groups in the time period is raising questions and eyebrows — among researchers trying to map out what the tidal wave of aging baby boomers may mean to everything from housing to health care.

Yet, Brown sees big uncertainties ahead for both individuals and society, in general, when it comes to health concerns and caring for baby boomers.

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That’s a slippery slope …”To Brown, the “dramatic” increase in the number of older cohabiters is both portentous and another indication of evolving arrangements — younger people delaying marriage or deciding not to marry at all.“My thinking is, in the latter half of life’s course, older adults are innovating in their relationships,” she said. Articles and books explore “how to shack up successfully in your senior years” and implore serious consideration of its impact on inheritances, pensions, social security and property.The widowed had the most qualitative relationships.That led to his main conclusion — that cohabiters would fare worse than seniors who never married or were divorced or widowed and not re-partnered, Wright said.After Bowling Green State University sociology professor Susan L.Brown offered thoughts on the latest Pew figures on a radio talk show in May, one listener posted: “Shouldn’t conservatives be in outrage that old people are redefining marriage by making it superfluous?Advisers tell those “brave enough” to risk their hearts at an advanced age to carefully weigh marriage versus cohabitation, realizing that while the former offers certain privileges and status, the latter allows more financial independence and lessens legal responsibilities.


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