Patrick dempsey rocky parker dating

Fink has filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage, TMZ reports.

The couple released a statement: "It is with careful consideration and mutual respect that we have decided to end our marriage.

Dempsey then starred in several raunchy teen comedies in the late-1980s, including Can't Buy Me Love, where he played the nerd who hired a cheerleader to pretend to be his girlfriend.

The film was popular enough to make Dempsey cover boy material for Teen Beat and all its imitators.

is an American actor, best known for his role as neurosurgeon Derek "Mc Dreamy" Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy.

He saw early success as an actor, starring in a number of films in his early 20s, including Can't Buy Me Love (1987) and Loverboy (1989).

However, over the past few months, the two have been spotted in public together, sparking rumors of reconciliation.

In 2004, he played a wisecracking cartoonist in the suffragette drama Iron Jawed Angels with Hilary Swank as Alice Paul.

Despite his long career, the producers of Grey's Anatomy asked Dempsey to audition only after Rob Lowe said he wasn't interested in the role. Derek Shepherd -- aka "Dr Mc Dreamy" -- on ABC's medical melodrama, Dempsey found himself back on the cover of celebrity magazines, again making young girls swoon and older women misty-eyed. In 1987, he married acting coach Rochelle "Rocky" Parker, a woman 26 years older than him who had a bit part in his older-woman themed film In the Mood. 1-Feb-2007) High School: Buckfield High School, Buckfield, ME High School: St.

He landed the role of David for the play's San Francisco production, then had to ask his parents to let him drop out of high school and move to San Francisco to take the role. For several years Dempsey toured in numerous stage productions, and still baby-faced at 23 he played his first film role as a troublemaker at a Catholic high school in Heaven Help Us with Andrew Mc Carthy and Kevin Dillon.

His first TV series was the quickly-canceled sitcomization of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, titled just plain Fast Times.


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