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Other Fareast countries like Thailand and Malaysia followed over the years.

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"As I was saying, we're both healthy and relatively happy," he said esoterically speaking as if he really believed what he was saying when he was just as sad as his mother.

"You have a good job and I'll be getting a good job soon.

As much as he was home alone with his mother, she was home alone with her son.

He only wished that she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her.

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There are no characters under the age of 18-years-old in this story. He walked to her and leaned down to give her another peck of a kiss on the lips, the lips that he imagined parting with his tongue to kiss her deep, wet, and long.

***** With her constant up-skirt peeks and down-blouse flashes, Michael's seduction of his mother is second only to his mother's seduction of him. The sound of her sweet, imagined voice brought him back to reality from his sexual fantasy of putting his mother to bed, stripping her naked, and having sex with her naked body. Wondering what it would be like to French kiss her, he couldn't stop himself from imagining French kissing his mother.

His sexual daydream vaporized before his incestuous, horny eyes once he faced the reality of his mother sitting across from him in their living room. Wondering what it would be like for her to French kiss him, he couldn't stop himself from imagining his mother returning his kiss of sexual passion with her kiss of sexual passion.

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