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The phrase is bona fide (Latin for "in good faith").

I've been reading some of the comments posted over the last few days.

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So what with all this Japanese pablum we're getting lately I dug into the archives last night - thought perhaps I'd mix in some bondage with some high camp appeal and view all of my Michelle Bauer flicks from her Pia Snow/Kim Bittner phase - looking at "Cheri and the Pirates", "The Trap", "Cleopatra's Bondage Nightmare", "Special Request", "Kidnapped Girls Agency" and "Women in Trouble" - hell, I may even give "Demonwarp" another view - that's when we know things are really bad.

I do have SOB4, maybe I should ask for another one in that series.

Mornin All A Canadian - thanks partner and I'll give it a shot.

-------------- Here's a question for the holidays: If you could ask Santa to bring you one GIMPworthy dvd, what would it be?

Since I like a good whipping scene, for me it would be Mark of the Whip.


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