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If the 17-year-old ate more than allowed, Wysolovski wouldn’t give her the next meal, it was reported.

The suspect also withheld food on some occasions, until the teen performed a sex act, the newspaper reported.

They teamed up with Cristina Leos, who Chen met during a Ph. program at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, and founded the nonprofit My Health Ed last year. The project received a 5,000 grant from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, the largest award given to a student or student group in the history of UNC-Chapel Hill.

The app also won a ,000 prize at Yale University, where Jagannathan is completing her master’s degree in business administration.

He has been given a court appointed attorney and was charged with aggravated sodomy, false imprisonment, interference with custody, and cruelty children-deprivation 1st degree (all of which are felonies), according to Fox News.

Neighbors in Duluth are telling news outlets there that they never imagined Wysolovski had a teen hidden in his well-kept home.

Investigators said she later invited eight boys to her room and allowed them to fondle her breasts before allegedly performing a sex act on one of the teens.

The prosecution, up first, began their closing arguments by asking the jury to recall the testimony they heard six weeks ago as the boys in the case “came forward and told you what they knew and told you what had happened.”"She unzipped her jacket and said, 'You can feel them," prosecutor Caron Close told the jury."She said something to the effect of, 'It's your Bar Mitzvah gift,'" Close added.

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Her attorney said she was given a "date rape" drug that night.In 2015, North Carolina ranked 22nd in the nation for the number of teen pregnancies, according to Shift NC, a group that aims to improve adolescent and young adult sexual health.The pregnancy rate is 23.5 percent among teenage girls ages 15 to 19.“Real Talk,” a free app that will launch this fall, tries to answer teens’ questions about puberty and relationships in a conversational format.Users can read stories submitted by teenagers, which appear as text messages peppered with slang and emojis – even eggplants and peaches that represent body parts.“I had Hailey give me some memories that only her family knew and I read those to her mother.


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