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But these worries can take a considerable physical and mental toll.She believes Kieran’s anxieties stem from her divorce from his father when he was two.When I was a child we didn’t hear about shootings or stabbings, and there weren’t police cars whizzing about.Kieran finds them frightening too.’That word ‘too’ is revealing.Thankfully, Lucien's plan backfires, and Kate is able to keep the studio.With worsening problems at home, Michelle steps down as dance captain and Giselle is granted the title.Aware that she is her son’s ‘security blanket’, Rebecca tries to comfort him ‘with gentle words of reassurance and lots of cuddles’.

But it does hold a simple promise: to take away a child’s anxieties.

From the period after the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals win to the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Internationals win, the Music Room is in use.

The Lounge and the Rehearsal Room are only used after the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Internationals win, during the prelude to the studio's 18th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals loss.

Abi, Alfie, Amanda, Andy, Becca, Beth, Camille, Cassie, Cierra, Chloe, Daniel, Eldon, Ella, Elliot, Emily, Gabi, Giselle, Hunter, Max, La Troy, Lily, James, Phoebe, Riley, Shannon, Shantel, Skylar, Sloane, Stephanie, Tiffany, Thalia, West The Next Step Dance Studio, usually called The Next Step, is the studio in which the series is based, located near Lost & Found Music Studios.

The studio is currently owned by Kate, with Emily as the head of TNS East, and Michelle the head of TNS West.


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