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She said officials should be looking out for what's in the child's best interests - not handing out marriage licenses. They are truly victims in every way." Senate Bill 415, which passed in the Senate last month, has passed in a House sub-committee and in a full-committee and is due to face a vote.“Someone should be asking the question, ‘Well if this 13-year-old is pregnant, isn’t that evidence of statutory rape? The bill would see those between 16 and 18 having to petition courts for a marriage license - at which point a judge would need to determine whether or not they were mature enough or were being coerced.Like most of them, she had an online life, one where she posted pictures with her friends and talked about her love of animals.“Coley had a passion for pandas, music, dancing,” her tearful mother Tammy Weeks said in a press conference.

For example, it can find an adult who may be posing as a teen to lure someone in these groups.“It's the same with child pornography sites.” We brought the issue to the company: a spokesperson tells 13News Now they have removed some groups like this in the past, just like they did to the group where Nicole Lovell posted.Users can let the site know if there are things they are concerned about, and Facebook will see if it violates its "community standards." No nudity, bullying or hate speech is allowed.Globally, the average legal age of marriage for boys is 17 and 16 for girls but many countries permit them, particularly girls, to marry much younger.According to the campaign group Girls Not Brides, one in three women in the developing world are said to be married before they turn 18.There's even a Family Safety Center about how to have the conversation with your children.“The most important tool is talk to them,” Healey maintained.


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